Sketch Cards Available for Trade or Sale

Last Updated: February 6, 2019 ...

  • updated some prices
  • Dangerous Divas Perna Black Cat & Ms. Sinister sketches now for sale !!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this web site, I have some sketch cards for trade.
At the bottom of this page, I list sketch cards that I am looking for.

Note: Click the thumbnail to open a new window to see a larger-size view of the sketch.

Acronyms used for Sketch Card Series:

  • ASA = Avengers Silver Age
  • CA = Complete Avengers
  • DCL = DC Legacy
  • FFA = Fantastic Four Archives
  • FUSM = Fleer Ultra Spider-Man
  • IIM = Invincible Iron Man
  • M70 = Marvel 70th Anniversary
  • MCC = Marvel Creators Collection
  • MDD = Marvel: Dangerous Divas
  • MHV = Marvel Heroes & Villains
  • ML = Marvel Legends
  • MM = Marvel Masterpieces
  • MSA = Marvel Silver Age
  • SMA = Spider-Man Archives
  • SWH = Star Wars Heritage
  • WoM = Women of Marvel
  • XMA = X-Men Archives

Group 1: 'Low-end'=> Prefer to use to trade for other sketches of interest, but would sell at the listed $ value.


MCC: 10 pages of unstamped sketches.
I am willing to trade or even sell some of these sketches, preferably in groups of 8 - 9 so I don't have pages with a lot of holes in them .

Bunche_Hulk Bunche_Torch Bunche_IM Bunche_Mysterio Bunche_Thor

MCC (unstamped): Steve Bunche Hulk ($30), Human Torch ($40), Impossible Man ($10), Mysterio ($20), Thor ($30)


MCC (unstamped): John Czop Silver Surfer ($25)

JAG Czop Mic

JAG John Czop: Mic (Brumby)($10)

Minor_ DS_Dormammu Moreno_Starfox_Thanos

MHV Misc. Cosmics :
Jake Minor Doctor Strange & Dormammu ($20)
Chris Moreno Starfox & Thanos ($20)

Nonato_DD_Kraven Nonato_Hulk_Ares

MHV Raimundo Nonato:
Daredevil & Kraven ($25); Hulk vs. Ares ($25)


MM08 Tony Dennison: Galactus ($20)

Ribeiro Redraw 1 Ribeiro Redraw 2

MSA Emir Ribeiro. Emir "redrew" these two sketches for me on his own custom blanks, so I could use them as fillers for my Avengers #1 page.
'Ant-Man & Wasp Have an Idea' - still untrimmed; Loki is the Guilty' - trimmed ($10 each);


SMA John Czop: Black Costume Spidey ($75)


SMA Tess Fowler: Aunt May & Peter
For Trade Only

since it is currently part of my SMA collection !!.
Tess drew less than 50 sketches for SMA .


SMA Buddy Prince: Dr. Strange ($35)


SMA Josef Rubinstein: Sandman socked ($15)

Simons Beast

XMA Dave Simons: Beast ($35)

Wilson Rogue & Gambit

XMA Chris Wilson: Rogue & Gambit ($45)

Group 2: 'Higher-End' => Prefer to use to trade for other sketches of interest, but will sell at the listed $ value.


ASA Warren Martineck: Avengers Issue #9 ($200)
Note: Still sealed !!


CA Justin Chung: Enchantress ($175)

Note: This sketch is valued as such because back in early 2007, when I got it, I traded two sketches for it, one being a CA Texeira Tigra !!

Cover Thanos

M70 Roy Cover: Thanos, Drax, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel ($125)


M70 Lak Lim: Hulk vs Wolverine

For Trade Only for sketches that I "like better" than this one !!

Lim_IF_SS_SM Lim_Thanos_Avengers

MHV Lak Lim (6-case Incentives):

Spider-Man, Iron Fist vs Steel Serpent ($125)
Note: since the seal obscures the Spidey in the top of the tree, I used Lak's scan and pasted it over a scan of a second Lim. Now the viewer can see what the full artwork looks like.

Thanos defeats Avengers ($150)


MDD Warren Martineck: Blink & Nocturne ($400)
Note: Both are still sealed !!

Perna_Black_Cat Perna_Ms_Sinister

MDD Tony Perna: Black Cat, Ms. Sinister ($300 each)
Note: Both are still sealed !!


MGH Mick Glebe: Daredevil vs. Punisher

A fellow collector who was at WonderCon 2012, on March 17 (the weekend after MGH was released), saw this for sale there. I had him buy it for me for $275. Later I decided it did not fit my collection. So I would like to sell it or trade it for something close to that ?
Note: still sealed !!


MM07 Red Bradley: Rogue & Omega Red ($125)


MM07 Taki Soma: Galactus ($90)


MSA Joe Sinnott: Thor (sside profile variation)
Note: This is For Trade Only. I value this at $400 - $500, since it is among the rarest of the characters drawn by Sinnott for MSA.

Note: This is my last "extra" Sinnott from the Tom Carter collection.


SWH Cynthia Cummens: Jawa ($100)


WoM NAR: Jubilee

Note: This very "high-end" sketch is for sale or trade, but I will be asking what I paid to get it. If seriously interested, write me for details.

Sketch Cards Wanted in Trade or Sale

Below are some sketchagraphs / sketch cards that I would like to find to add to my collection. Of course there may be some sketches I am not aware of that may catch my fancy, so don't hesitate to ask, or make an offer.

Higher Priority:

  • ASA Martineck's for certain covers
  • M70 Martineck's !!
  • MSA Romita - pack pulled ones with a character I don't have, that I may be interested in
  • MSA Sinnott - pack pulled ones with a character I don't have, that I may be interested in
  • MSA Severin - pack pulled ones with a character I don't have, that I may be interested in, e.g. Silver Surfer, Watcher, Ultron, etc.
  • MSA Tuska - pack pulled ones with a character I don't have, that I may be interested in
  • MSA storyline Ribeiro's for Amazing Fantasy #15; Avengers #1; Hulk #1; Fantastic Four #1; FF#4; or FF #12
  • MSA Dutkiewicz - any ones I don't have

Medium Priority:

  • M75 Martineck's
  • XMA - certain "couples" or teams for my themed pages.
  • MHV - certain "full body" Buddy Prince sketches (see table below).
  • MHV - certain Lak Lim sketches (see table below).
  • SMA/M70/MHV - certain John Czop sketches.

Lower Priority:

  • FFA- looking for Simon's Prof. X (if he did one). Also, Kong cover recreations, or other multi-character "scenes.
  • DCL Czop's - any that I don't have, that I may be interested in, (see table below)
  • ML Punisher - preferably a Mhan since it is "lower value" than a Dillon
  • Topps Incredible Hulk (2003) - Any Czop I may be interested in ... preferably NOT an "extreme close-up" one like the Betty one that I currently have.
  • MCC Czop's - any that I don't have, that I may be interested in
  • ML Czop Thor's, i.e. "non-common" penciled ones

These are some of the specific sketches that I am looking for.

DCL Czops 1 DCL Czops 2

DCL Czop's that I am "interested-in".

BP Wants

MHV Buddy Prince's that I am "interested-in".

Lim Wants

MHV Lak Lim's that I am "interested-in".