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Thanks for visiting my Web-site, where I present some of the facets of my Hobbies.

Yours truly at a Model show at my local Mall, working on Dark Phoenix

Last Updated: March 21, 2023:

  • added models for Indiana Jones and Dr. Henry Jones Sr. to the Sci-fi Gallery
  • added a new custom (third Porcupine) HeroClix to that Gallery

Prior Updates:

  • added 66 sketch cards (acquired over past 3 years) to various Sketch Card Galleries
  • aded a model for the 'Book of Boba Fett' to the Star Wars Gallery
  • added Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard (from Blade Runner) model to 'SciFi Models Gallery'
  • added 8 commissioned customized Heroclix to 'Heroclix Gallery'
  • added customized Dutch (from Predator) model to 'SciFi Models Gallery'
  • added Punisher model to 'Marvel Models Gallery'

My Hobbies and Interests:
* Building/Painting Models
* Collecting certain types of Non-Sports Cards
* Reading/Collecting certain Comics

I mainly like to assemble and paint 1/6 scale Vinyl kits of sci-fi and comic book characters. I find kits made from Vinyl the easiest to work with, and not as expensive to buy, as compared to resin ones, though I have built some resin ones.
I also enjoy customizing Heroclix figures, either to make them "look better" or into different characters.
To view photos of almost all of the models and Heroclix that I have built / customized, click the links for Figure Models.

Non-Sports Cards:
Back in the 60's, as a kid, I collected some of the trading cards from back then, like the Batman painted sets, Outer Limits, Green Hornet, James Bond, Rat Patrol, and Marvel sets. Maybe some day I will scan all of it and put it up on this site Also, during the mid 1990's through early 2000's, I was collecting some of the "recent" Sci-Fi and comics related sets. I really haven't done much with my collection since then. I do have a want / trade list.
To see my current Want/ Trading List for Non-sports cards, click the link for Non-Sports Cards.

For Non-Sports cards, what I have really concentrated on since 2002, are Sketchagraphs and Sketch cards, which are pieces of hand-drawn artwork inserted into the packs ... not reproductions, as with most trading cards.
To view my sketchagraph / sketch card collection, click the links for Sketch Cards.

Sports Cards
I also have many Baseball and Football cards from my childhood, mainly the years 1964 - 1969, including Mickey Mantle's, Mike Ditka's, etc. I decided to catalog some of the ones for "key player".
To see my current List of 1960's Sports cards, click the link for 1960's Sports Cards.

I mainly collected comics as a kid back in the Silver Age (I am "dating" myself), and I have an extensive collection of such. Back in the mid to late 1990's, as my nephews "came of age", they got me back into comics. Currently, I am only collecting the "continuing" series of Astro City comics.
To see my current List of Comic books, click the link for Comic Books.

E-mail Address:
For trade offers or just "chatting", Contact Ed Wong via the link Contact Me.