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Diorama with the first five Horizon models that I ever built.

Last Updated: December 5, 2016 ...

  • Sci-Fi Gallery - added larger scale Tardis with flashing lights (from Dr. Who)

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Thanks for visiting my Gallery of "figure" models, which consists of characters from a variety (mixture) of themes, from comic books, to sci-fi TV and movie.

The diorama above shows the first five Horizon models that I ever built, in a variation of a scene from'Maximum Carnage', the Spider-Man mini-series from 1993. All of the models are 1/6 scale, and thus this warehouse scene is pretty big. It was scratch-built built by a friend of mine (Tom Sosenko). I added Wolverine, which was actually from a kit which had him in his pre-X-Men brown and orange costume. I modified him to have the classic yellow and blue costume, including the shoulder pads, but I didn't put the tiger claws on his upper body. Later, I built Horizon's X-Men version of Wolverine which was "much cooler" ... see it in the 'Marvel Comics' Models Gallery (link in left-hand column).

Currently I have nine Galleries of Models:

  • Marvel Comics characters
  • DC & Independent Comics characters
  • Sci-Fi characters (excluding Star Wars)
  • Star Wars characters
  • HeroClix game pieces, customized and repaints
  • ToyBiz kits
  • Arcane Legions Gaming pieces
  • Ceramic Figurines
  • USS Slater refurbish
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Info on Vinyl and Resin Figure Kits:

Before going to my galleries, to view the photos and reading my commentary on the kits I have built, it may be helpful to have some background on the materials and techniques used to build these kits. To do so, go to these links:
Getting started with Vinyl Kits
Getting started with Resin Kits
Gremlins in the Garage Web Site

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