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Created: April 5, 2008

Thanks for visiting my Gallery where I show the two Ceramic figurines that I painted in 2002, as Christmas presents for two important ladies in my life . Both of these ladies had expressed interest in how well I painted the various models as seen in my other galleries, but of course they wouldn't be interested in having super-heroes or sci-fi characters, so I found ceramic figurines whose subject matter would be of more interest to them !!

In the photo above, I took it before I started painting the two figurines. You can see their relative size by comparing them to the peanut butter jar at the left. If I recall correctly, the Jesus one was about 9", so that should make it about 1/8 scale. Comapring Jesus to the Angel and little girl, I would say that figurine is also 1/8 scale. Basically, I only needed to paint these with the same acrylic paints I used to paint my vinyl models, but I didn't need to spray them with primer beforehand.

Note: To view the full size image, click on the thumbnail below.

Jesus with Lambs

This figurine was for my adopted-Mom. Since she is Catholic, I knew she would like this . In fact, I got her a glass dome and base to put this in, since she had it displayed in her living room.

Once I did some "research" with friends and neighbors, as to the "proper" color of Jesus' robe (blue vs. red), I enjoyed painting this. The lambs were fun to paint ... super-heroes and sci-fi characters don't have fuzzy wool and soft-pink noses and inner-ears!!

Girl Reaching for Angel

This figurine was for a friend whom had just lost her Mom that year

The first photo was one I took after I had completed painting the landscape. I included it here since I didn't take a photo of the back of the figurine before I started painting it.

I also enjoyed painting this, esp. the landscape. Since the models I have built generally don't require or have a base, I got to learn how to use washes and drybrushing to give texture to things like wood, rocks, leaves and flowers.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time before I had to get this to her for Christmas:

  • I wanted to dry-brush white over the tips of the feathers on the wings
  • I would have liked to have lightened-up the flesh tones on the angel to be more "pinkish"