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Thanks for visiting my Gallery of "comics-related" models that were produced by ToyBiz in the mid 1990's. As you can see from my other Galleries, I prefer to build mainly vinyl kits and in 1/6 scale. Part of the reason for this is that the vinyl kits are usually "stand-alone" models, not requiring a base. Therefore I can put them with other models to form a scene or as a diorama. These ToyBiz kits, and similar styrene kits by Aurora, Polar Lights, etc. are 1/9 scale and include a base; probably so as to give the model builder something "more for the money". I also don't like the styrene kits because the body parts are usually formed by two parts, and the seam lines can be awful, either due to misalignment, or just having a long seam to putty and sand.

However, because these were inexpensive, I bought a few of them in the late 1990's. Some I gave away, and others I kept, just as something quick to build, and as a change of pace from the vinyl kits.

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ToyBiz 1/9 scale Styrene

The Incredible Hulk

This is the first ToyBiz kit I built, I believe back in late 2001. Back then I didn't have a digital camera yet, so I only took a couple of photos of it using a borrowed camera. So the photo isn't very good.

The base represents a scene in the desert where the Hulk has destroyed what looks like an armored vehicle. I think it's supposed to be a tank but the pieces look "weird" for a tank. In fact, if I recall, some of the pieces didn't go where they were supposed to according to the box photo or instructions, so I didn't use them.

ToyBiz 1/9 scale Styrene


I built this Storm kit in fall of 2010. I was pleasantly surprised at the intricacies of the four-sided base !! Per the box and instructions, Storm is called to the sewers to help the Morlocks from a Brood attack. Well, the green guy busting out of the side is NOT an actual Brood creature as per the comics. Also, the only time I know of that Storm used knives like the two in her hands, is when she had to fight Callisto for leadership of the Morlocks. So it's safe to say that the artist took "artistic license" with this kit !!

The first photo shows the kit as it was intended to be built, with the Brood creature busting out behind Storm. But I didn't like this since it seems as though in a split-second the creature would grab Storm's scrawny leg and snap it like a twig. So as per the second photo, I turned her 180 degrees by placing one foot in the sewer pipe, and putting the other foot in one of the per-molded holes. I covered the unused hole with a plug I made (see sixth photo). If I had to do it over again, I would have not used the sewer pipe that her right foot is in, but once I glued it down, it was almost impossible to take-off

The first photo shows the "front" of the base and it looks as though there is a skeleton of a dead Brood creature, pinned to the wall by two "shards" from X-Man Marrow. The Brood's skull is next to the sewer pipe on top of the base. The second photo shows the Brood busting through bars; this is very cool concept. The third and fourth photos (are not thumbs) show two other sides of the base; an electrical box on one side, and rat-infested sewer pipes on the other.

The fifth and sixth photos shows what I consider an interesting assembly point. Storm's hair is formed as a long extruded "helmet" which fits onto her "bald" head. To make the hair as though it is growing out of her head, I had to putty the helmet around her forehead and face, and then cut grooves in the putty so as to make the new hair "look natural".