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Last Updated: February 25, 2019 ...

  • Page 14: added three Auck sketches to Complete Avengers page
  • page 20: added/reshuffled sketches for Marvel's Greatest Heroes page 4
  • page 21: new Marvel's Greatest Heroes page
  • page 25: added two Racho sketches to Avengers Silver Age page

The Mighty Avengers themed pages consisting of RA sketchafexes from five of their Marvel releases.
The first gallery was the initial gallery, consisting mainly of Complete Avengers sketches, with some 'Women of Marvel' and 'Iron Man' sketches added.
The second gallery shows my Marvel Greatest Heroes (which is Avengers-themed) sketches, with four pages consisting of Rittenhouse sketchafexes from that 2012 release.
The third gallery shows my Avengers Silver Age sketches, with four pages consisting of Rittenhouse sketchafexes from that 2015 release.

For this web site, I have found it better to scan the entire 9-pocket (a.k.a. page), rather than to put each sketch up as an individual scan. Besides for those of you who know me, I am very obsessive about how my pages are arranged .

Currently I have 25 "full" pages of RA's Avengers related sketchafexes. Below, I give a brief summary of what is in each page, just to the right of the thumbnail for that page.

Note: Click the thumbnail to open a new window to see a larger-size view of the page.

Table 8a: Complete Avengers, etc. Sketchafex Cards

Complete Avengers Page 1

Page 1: The First 9 Avengers ...

the original five Avengers (slots 1-5), as presented in Avengers #1, though Iron Man was then the Golden version, (but this Rubinstein Iron Man sketch is of his second costume, as worn in Avengers #3 - 5, before he upgraded yet again);

followed by Captain America (slot 6), which joined in Avengers #4, after the Hulk had quit the team;

followed by the "second" team (slots 7-9), when the remaining original members left in Avengers #16, and was replaced by former Marvel "villains" Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver

I believe that since the original team with Cap, was "too powerful" for the Marvel bullpen to keep finding suitable foes to fight, that Marvel decided to "weaken" the team in Avengers #16. However, I think that sales of the books went down with this second-rate team, and by Avengers #28, some of the original members were being added-back or would later make guest appearances.

Note that I used seven Rubinstein sketches for this page. I like his Silver-Age style !!

Complete Avengers Page 2

Page 2: Evolution of Henry Pym.

One of my favorite SA Marvel heroes was Ant-Man/Giant-man. Henry Pym started-out as Ant-Man, (slots 1 & 2), when he learned to make himself shrink to ant-size. He also learned to communicate with ants, thus enabling him to fly (slot 1) or ride (slot 2) ants into combat. However, I think Marvel realized that as a member of the Avengers, he had to be "more powerful", so they cleverly made him learn to grow past normal human size, and thus Giant-man (slot 3). After leaving the Avengers for a year, he returned with a new costume and name as Goliath, first in the blue-yellow costume (slot 6) and later went back to a blue-red costume (slots 4 & 5). Pym's final transformation was as Yellow-Jacket (slots 8 & 9).

But perhaps Henry Pym's greatest "contribution" to the Marvel Universe was his creation of Ultron as shown in slot 7 . Ultron has become one of the main classical villains throughout the Avengers history !!

Note: The sketch in slot 5 is the one that inspired me to make this Evolution of Henry Pym page. It was obtained for me by the late Tom Carter. He said when he saw it, he knew that I would like/want it !! So it is one of the sketches in my collection that has "sentimental value" to me

Complete Avengers Page 3

Page 3: Evolution of Wasp.

Janet Van Dyne started-out as the love interest (and later wife) of scientist Henry Pym, becoming the Wasp to join him in his adventures as Ant-man. I started with her early SA pointed hat costume, which I never cared for (slots 1 & 2). Then she went to a hooded costume which I was my favorite, since that made her look like a typical super-hero (slot 3). This hooded version appears to have only been used in Avengers #10 - 16.

Probably her nicest costume was the simple all-red one (slots 6& 7); followed by the simple yellow-red one from late in the SA (slots 4 & 5), which I think is a more-modern variation of the all-red one. More recently, she has gone to a black and yellow costume (slot 9).

To help complete this page, I added a nice Auck of the pair of lovebirds, Yellow Jacket and the Wasp (slot 8).

Complete Avengers Page 4

Page 4: Evolution of Iron Man.

This page shows the evolution of IM from earliest armor to modern day armor, combining sketches from RA's Complete Avengers, with sketches from RA's later release of comics-version sketches for the IM movie.

In the well-known story, in Tales of Suspense (ToS) #39,playboy Tony Stark is wounded in the heart and must create a portable chest-plate to keep himself alive. He also creates a suit of armor to go with the chest-plate. His first suit was the "clunky" gray version (slot 1), which he later painted gold (slots 2 & 3). Later, he decided that he needed a smaller more flexible suit of armor, so eventually created and settled on the classic red-gold one. The sketches in slots 4 & 5 represents the "pointy mask" helmet, that was used only from ToS #'s 48 - 53. The sketches in slots 6 & 7 represent the suit that he wore throughout the rest of the SA.

I got the sketch for slot 8 because it is by Bob Layton, a post-SA artist that I am not familiar with, but had two renowned runs of IM, in the late 70's and then again in the late 80's. This sketch shows the suit created in IM #231. In slot 9 is the "modern-era" suit, as seen in the "relaunched" IM comics in 1998. Note the hexagon chest plate.

Complete Avengers Page 5

Page 5: Iron Man - SA-era Villains.

On this page, I present seven SA-era Iron Man villains ...

  • The Mandarin (row 1) is the "most classic" of the Iron man villains !! He first appeared in Tales of Suspense (ToS) #50. With his 10 Rings of Power (later revealed to be technology from the race of Fin Fang Foom (slot 3)), and his base in China, he fought Iron Man more often than any other villain.
    As for the sketch in slot 2, I am really surprised that it got pass the RA or Marvel censors ... so much blood and gore !!
    Fin Fang Foom was created in the pre-Silver Age super heroes era by Lee and Kirby, as "a monster" for one of their horror stories (Strange Tales #89). It wasn't until the storyline in Iron Man #'s261-264, 267, 270-275, that FFF appeared as an Iron Man foe.
  • The Crimson Dynamo (slot 4) was the first of IM's villains to also have a high-tech suit or armor. He first appeared in ToS #46.
  • The Black Widow started-out as a villain (ToS #52). In her first appearances she was a Soviet spy, who tried to steal secrets from Stark Industries, where she of course ran into Iron Man. At that time, she wore a black tight-fitting dress, mink shoulder wrap and black fish-net veiled hat, like an Eastern European Countess might wear. Later (slot 5), Marvel spiced her up by giving her the fish-net outfit and wrist stingers (ToS #64).
  • Hawkeye (slot 6) also started out as a villain (ToS #57). He had the "misfortune"(?) of meeting the Black Widow, and fell in love with her. She used that fact to have him attack Iron Man (ToS #'s 60 & 64).
  • The Melter first appeared in ToS #47, and had a bulky green outfit with a cape. This slimmed-down version (slot 7) first appeared in Iron Man #92.
  • The Titanium Man (slot 8) was one of my favorite SA-era IM villains, partially because of the Cold-War gladiator-style Epic battle they had, which was televised to the rest of the world to watch (ToS #'s 69 - 71 )!!
  • Madame Masque (slot 9) first appeared in ToS #97, as leader of the crime organization, the Maggia. She later became a love interest of Iron Man.
Complete Avengers Page 6

Page 6: Iron Man - Miscellaneous.

This page is a "catch-all" for various Iron Man related sketches.

Row 1 represents characters from two of the other three "crime organizations" that were prevalent in the Marvel Universe during the Silver Age era, and even today ... AIM,HYDRA, (the Maggia being the other, per Page 5 slot 9). These organizations were not enemies of one character, but crossed-over often into the worlds of Nick Fury, SHIELD, Captain America, Iron Man (esp. because of Stark Industries), The Avengers, etc.

  • A.I.M., or Advanced Idea Mechanics, (slot 1) was one of the first criminal organizations in the Marvel Universe. I assume the idea for AIM was based on the SPECTRE crime organization from the popular James Bond movies of the 1960's. The AIM technician can be recognized by their yellow "radiation suits" (which I think were taken from the Dr. No movie ? AIM also created Modok in ToS #93.
  • Dreadnought's (slot 2) are robots used by HYDRA and the Maggia to attack SHIELD, etc. A newer version created by AIM was used to attack Iron Man (IM #129).
  • The common H.Y.D.R.A. Agent or Minion, (slot 3) is easily recognizable in their green-yellow hooded outfits. Since they were formed by Baron Strucker after WWII, they are often seen chanting 'Hail HYDRA', in much the same way the Nazi's chanted 'Heil Hitler'.

Row 2 represents other "armored" characters in the Iron Man universe.

  • In slot 4, is a Mandroid. They were originally designed by Tony Stark for use by SHIELD, as armored counter-measures.
  • The first Guardsman (slot 5) appeared in IM #70. He wore a suit of armor that was much like Iron Man's. This armor was invented by Tony Stark. When the wearer of the first Guardsman armor died, others later wore the armor, mainly to guard 'The Vault'.
  • In slot 6, is one of the three Seekers, Sonic. The Seekers are three former AIM agents that went freelance and created robotic suits for themselves. They first appeared in IM #214.

In Row 3, I added two Auck's of Iron Man fighting the Mandarin. When the late Tom Carter showed it to me, I really liked the Auck in slot 8. I think he would be happy that I now have it in my collection ? I recently acquired the complementary sketch in slot 7 to go with it !! The page is completed this M70 John Czop sketch of the Mandarin.

Complete Avengers Page 7

Page 7: Thor and associated characters.

The story of how scrawny Dr. Don Blake, found Thor's transformed hammer-cane, and tapped it and became Thor is well known. Odin had transformed Thor into this frail human body to teach him humility. Since then, Thor hasn't changed much over the years... if at all. So there really isn't an "evolution" as with the prior Avengers. Basically I used what I considered a SA-looking Thor in slot 1, and a modern-looking Thor in slot 3. In slot 2, I put this nice original SA-version of Thor's second love interest,and fellow-Asgardian, Sif.

In row 2 are three of the main SA villains, whom like Thor are Asgardians ... Loki, Executioner and Enchantress.

In slots 7 and 8 are two more SA-era Thor villains, the Grey Gargoyle (J.I.M. #107), and a second Enchantress sketch (J.I.M. #103).

Finally in slot 9, I present Hercules, who first battled Thor during the SA-era (J.I.M. Annual #1), before becoming his friend, and then joining the Avengers in issue #38.

Complete Avengers Page 8

Page 8: Captain America and associated characters.

Captain America has "existed twice" in Marvel comicdom. He was originally created in the 40's to battle the Nazi's during WWII. A weakling who wanted to join the military, Steve Rogers was offered to help his country by trying the experimental Super-Soldier serum, which transformed him into Captain America. During WWII, he was frozen in a block of ice in the Arctic, until the SA, where he was found and revived by the Avengers in issue #4.

As with Thor, he hasn't changed at all over the years. On this page, I present the two main villains associated with Cap, and some key scenes from the classic Avengers #4.

The Falcon was a friend and only the second(?) "partner" for Cap. This sketch (slot 2) is as he first appeared in the SA, (issue #117 of 'Captain America'). I like this version much better than the more modern red-white version which looks like a rip-off of the Vulture.

In slot 4 is one of Cap's main SA foes, the Red Skull holding-up the Cosmic Cube, a device that originated in the SA, but has turned-up in the post-SA era too. In slot 5 is his other main SA foe, Baron Zemo, as drawn during the SA. In slot 6 is Batroc the Leaper, whom I consider a minor SA-era villain, first appearing in T.O.S. #75.

Row 3 are three scenes (I also call them "conceptual sketches) from Avengers #4. Hillsman's sketch (slot 7) of Namor seeing Cap in the block of ice is technically not correct. Cap was actually still dressed in his tattered Army uniform (see slot 8) within the block of ice, but I guess Hillsman is allowed artistic license ? Slot 8 shows where Giant-Man plucks Cap's floating (but still frozen) body from the sea, and slot 9 shows where Cap and Namor face-off at the end of #4.

Complete Avengers Page 9

Page 9: Secondary Avengers.

Though some other Avengers fans ... and I know one in particular ... will disagree, to me, every other hero who joined the Avengers after the "first nine", are what I consider "secondary" members. Of course, everything is relative ... it's who one becomes more familiar with as they read the comics.

I would say that the Vision (slot 1) is the most-important of the "secondary" Avengers, being first introduced in #57, and joining the team soon after that. He has pretty much been a "key" Avenger ever since. The two in slots 2 & 3 are also "long-standing members" of the team. The Black Panther (slot 2), though originally an FF character, first appeared with the Avengers in issue #52, and joined soon after. The heroic (Dane Whitman) Black Knight (slot 3) first appeared in Avengers #48, and joined soon after.

I am not really familiar with Moondragon (slot 5), Thunderstrike (slot 6), Moon Knight (slot 7), U.S. Agent (slot 8) and War Machine (slot 9), since they are all post-SA characters. War Machine is actually a member of West Coast Avengers.

To complete the page, I put a nice sketch of the Vision and Scarlet Witch in slot 4 !!

Complete Avengers Page 10

Page 10: Secondary Avengers - Wonder-Man, Captain Marvel and non-Pym Goliaths.

On this page, I decided to highlight two characters, whom seems to have really evolved throughout Avengers lore. Also on this page is different versions of the original Goliath.

I actually was going to put Wonder-Man (slot 1) in the Villain's page, since he started-out as such in Avengers #9, but he died "heroically" in that same issue. When I got the sketch in slot 2, I thought it was Dr. Octopus !! But then I was made aware that it is probably the reincarnated Wonder-Man in his Hollywood stunt-man outfit. Since I wanted to keep that sketch, I decided to then add the psionic-form Wonder-Man (slot 3) to complete the "evolution" !!

I was only going to have the Captain Marvel (slot 4) since that was how I remember him from the SA comics. Back then he wore this white-green costume. He was a Kree agent sent to Earth to spy on us. He decided to change affiliation and sides with us mere Earthlings against the Kree . Apparently, Captain Marvel (slot 5) later attains powerful wristbands and greater powers, and a new red-black costume. However, after he dies, the character's name is passed-on to Monica LeBeau (slot 6). Could this be considered the first case of a super-hero sex-change in mainstream comics ?!?!

So for now, I have used three "non-Pym" Goliath's to fill this page.
The Black Goliath (slot 7), though an "obscure" and short-time Avengers character, I got because his alter-ego is Dr. Bill Foster, Henry Pym's assistant from Avengers #32. Foster also learned to use the Pym particles to allow him to grow.
The Goliath (slot 8) is the Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) version, who appeared starting in Avengers #63, and I believe ran through issue #92(?). Barton returned as Hawkeye around issue #102(?) I believe the Goliath in slot 9, is another version of the Barton Goliath, but I can't find any issues between #63 and #92 where he had this all-blue outfit.

Complete Avengers Page 11

Page 11: Secondary Avengers - Babes.

After the SA, I guess Marvel realized that the Avengers needed more "sex appeal", not to mention the Equal Rights Amendment, so they added more female members Though I am not familiar with any of these babes, except for the Black Widow and Crystal, who started-out as SA characters, I grouped them into this estrogen-laden page

Row 1 is my 'Babes in Black', with the Black Widow, Ms. Marvel (Warbird) and Mockingbird.

Row 2 is my "Bestial Babes', with Hellcat, Tigra and She-Hulk.

Row 3 is my 'Kong Babes', with post-SA Crystal, Spider-Woman and Firestar.

Complete Avengers Page 12

Page 12: Other Avengers Villains .

This page has Villains who are not already or originally associated with individual heroes, but are considered "mainly" Avengers villains.

  1. Kang is probably the longest-running Avengers villain first appearing in issue #8, and keeps appearing even in today's Avengers stories.
  2. The "original"Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne) first appeared in issue #19. He appeared many time to fight against, and a few times with, The Avengers .
  3. Though Dr. Doom is an FF villain, I put him here to recognize his appearance in Avengers #25, when he decided to attack the Avengers because of their "weak" roster.
  4. The Grim Reaper first appeared in Avengers #52, and has many ties with other Avengers characters, being the brother of Wonder-Man, and the Vision, who has Wonder-Man's brain patterns.
  5. Ultron first appeared in Avengers #54, and is perhaps the best-known of the Avengers' villains, perhaps having even more appearances than Kang ?
  6. Though the High Evolutionary is considered more of an Avengers villain, he actually first appeared in the SA in Thor #134.
  7. I included this Erik Josten version of Goliath, though he was a minor villain in Avengers' universe. Erik Josten had many different names throughout his villainous career, at one point adopting the name Goliath because of his ability to grow using Pym particles, much like his heroic predecessor.
  8. I consider Morgan le Fay as a "minor" Avengers villain. She seems to have one "complex" memorable storyline weaving through issues of Avengers, Iron Man, and Spider-Woman; as well as most recently in the beginning of Avengers 'Heroes Return' (Volume 3).
  9. Though I consider Thanos a major villain in the Marvel Universe, I would not consider him a major Avengers' villain, though the Avengers has banded together to defeat his plans for conquering the Galaxy a couple of times !!
Complete Avengers Page 13

Page 13: Teams or Groups.

This page has what I call "conceptual" sketches ... others might call them "multi-character" or "team" sketches. Generally, I don't like landscape-oriented sketches in my pages, but I do like some of the Day "team" sketches. Though not drawn with great details, and understandably so with such a small drawing area, the Day's did a good job of conveying the members of the various teams.

In Row 1, there is one for the "original" team (slot 1), as per Avengers #1-3; the "first team" (slot 2), as per Avengers #4 - #15; and one for the "enhanced second team" (slot 3), as per Avengers #58, though at that time, Goliath technically had a different costume.

Row 2 are sketches for Avengers #1. In slot 4 is THE ONE sketch that when I saw the samples, I wanted ... the Kong recreation of the cover for Avengers #1 ... dedicated to Jack 'The King' Kirby too !! In slot 5 is another of the sketches I wanted when I saw the samples, Hillsman's recreation of the scene from Avengers #1, where Ant-Man and Wasp attacks the Hulk with a bunch of ants. Hillsman did many "conceptual" sketches, so I also added this one of the "second team" minus Cap (slot 6).

Auck did many of his sketches as "conceptual" sketches, so I added one of SA-era Giant-Man and Iron man, as per the "first team" (slot 7). In slot 8 is a nice Kong recreation of part of the cover from Avengers #161. I rounded-out the page with this Lynch team sketch (slot 9).

Complete Avengers Page 14

Page 14: Miscellaneous 1

This is sort of my "catch-all" page ... sketches that fit no particular theme.

Rows 1 & 2 are "conceptual" Auck's that I liked.

  • Slot 1 has one of the entire original team. I would like to thank Kevin St. Jacque for trading it to me ... and he too was rewarded handsomely for it !!
  • Slot 2 is a scene from Avengers #1 where the Wasp pesters Hulk at the circus
  • Slot 3 is a scene from Avengers #3 where Hulk first battles Namor, before teaming-up with him
  • Slot 4 has what I believe is a scene from 'The Infinity Gauntlet' storyline ?
  • Slot 5 has one of the "nicer" Auck conceptual sketches that the late Tom Carter owned, and I decided to acquire after his passing. It is of Rick Jones with the re-animated members of the 40's team, The Invaders (Namor, Blazing Skull and Vision). This is from Avengers #97, where The Invaders help to put an end to the Kree-Skrull War ... thanks to Bill Furrer for the info on this sketch
  • Slot 6 is where The Mandarin has frozen Iron Man in ice ... I can't place which issue Iron Man this is from

In Row 3, I have the three Lynch sketches encompassing the Wonder-Man/Vision/Grim Reaper as brothers storyline. This storyline was in Avengers #102, 106 - 108, 160. The storyline deals with the fact that when Wonder-Man (Simon Williams) died in Avengers #9, his brain patterns were kept and later loaded into Vision. The Grim Reaper, whom is Simon's brother Eric, wants to restore those brain patterns to a human body, preferably the body of the original Wonder-Man.

Complete Avengers Page 14

Page 15: Miscellaneous 2

This page is for sketches that I kept in order to complete the "master artists set".

I already had sketches for most of these characters, but I kept these sketches since they are my only

  1. Lilly
  2. Goodmanson
  3. Guy Dorian
  4. Bukauskas
  5. Frampton
  6. Viera
  7. Kyle
  8. Gould
  9. Richlen

Note that in slot 9, is a scene I find hilarious, in that it emulates something from the old 1966 Batman TV show ?

Complete Avengers Page 16

Page 16: Cat Staggs drew the 6-case Incentive sketches, which are actually 5"x7" oversize sketches. When I finally got a second one, I decided to remove each of them from their sealed top loaders, and put them together into a 2-pocket.

Of course, the two that I got are SA-themed, with this Captain America, and the Goliath-Antman one.

Table 8b: Marvel Greatest Heroes Sketchafex Cards

Greatest Heroes Page 1

Page 17: Martineck's Avengers' History (Portrait-orientation)

As Warren did for the 2010 Marvel 70th Anniversary release, each of his sketches were dated; in this case each year representing a key event in Avengers' history. I got nine Portrait-oriented ones to complete this page.

  • 1963 Avengers #1, Original Team
  • 1964 Avengers #4, Captain America returns to comics
  • 1970 Avengers #83, Lady Liberators
  • 1972 Avengers #100
  • 1973 Avengers #114, Swordsman & Mantis join Avengers
  • 1984 West Coast Avengers #1
  • 1988 Avengers #297, Nebula vs. She-Hulk
  • 1998 Avengers vol.3 #4, yet another new roster  (including Warbird)
  • 2010 Secret Avengers #1
Greatest Heroes Page 2

Page 18: Martineck's Avengers' History (Landscape-orientation)

At this time, I have only been able to procure six landscape-oriented Martineck's that I like, so I completed this page with a Thanh Bui and a Buddy Prince that are tributes to Avengers #4.

  • Thanh Bui, Avengers #4 cover recreation
  • Buddy Prince, Avengers #4 classic panel
  • 1964 Avengers #6, first Masters of Evil
  • 1968 Avengers #52, first Grim Reaper
  • 1969 Avengers #71, Invaders return to comics
  • 1971 Avengers #85, first Squadron Supreme
  • 1974 Avengers #128-135, Kang story-line
  • 1993 Avengers: Termanatrix Objective #1-4
Greatest Heroes Page 3

Page 19: Alberto Silva - Avengers History

I am really starting to like both the artwork and content of many of Alberto Silva's sketches. A lot of his MGH sketches represent actual moments in Avengers History !! So I made a page of some of his sketches.

  • Avengers #2: Space Phantom
  • Avengers #45: Super-Adaptoid
  • Avengers #67: We Stand at Armageddon!
  • Avengers #79: Lethal Legion
  • Avengers #92: All Things Must End!
  • Avengers #175: Korvac Saga
  • Heroes Return Avengers #2
  • End of Civil War
  • Annihilation Crossover, Moondragon & Phyla-Vell
Greatest Heroes Page 4

Page 20: Miscellaneous Page 1

These nine sketches that I liked, show the history of the Avengers.

  • Avengers #7: Enchantress deludes Thor
  • Avengers #15: second version of Masters of Evil, including Enchantress and Executioner
  • Avengers #15: second version of Masters of Evil, including Melter
  • Avengers #16: New roster
  • Avengers #25: Dr. Doom attacks new team
  • Avengers #83: Lady Liberators defeats the Avengers
  • Avengers #151: cover tribute
  • Heroes Reborn: Lodrigueza's Tribute to Jim Lee's Iron Man
  • Hulk #323: cover tribute; aftermath of Hulk's battle with Avengers
Greatest Heroes Page 5

Page 21: Miscellaneous Page 2

This page has sketches from three of my favorite sketch card artists.

  • Warren Martineck: 1986, another iteration of the Masters of Evil
  • Buddy Prince: Kang, (first appearance in Avengers #8)
  • Buddy Prince: Ultron (first appearance in Avengers #54)
  • Buddy Prince: Scarlet Witch & Vision (married in Giant-Size Avengers #4)
  • Buddy Prince: Jocasta (first appearance in Avengers #162)
  • John Czop: Jack-of-Hearts (Avengers Vol.3, #35)
  • John Czop: Thor; I like the Avengers masthead in this sketch
  • John Czop: Warbird & Iron Man

Table 8c: Avengers Silver Age Sketchafex Cards

Avengers Silver Age Page 1

Page 22: Martineck's Avengers' Covers

Warren drew recreations of the covers for the first 100 issues of The Avengers. I was mainly interested in the first 16 issues, and some of the Kirby-drawn covers after that. To a lesser extent, I also got some of the covers for other key issues, or issues that I actually have in my Silver Age comics collection.
Note: #4 is from Marvel 75th Anniversary

  • Avengers #1, Original Team
  • Avengers #2, Space Phantom
  • Avengers #3, Hulk leaves and joins Sub-Mariner
  • Avengers #4, Captain America returns to comics
  • Avengers #6, Original Masters of Evil
  • Avengers #7, Enchantress turns Thor against Avengers
  • Avengers #8, First Kang
  • Avengers #9, First Wonder Man
  • Avengers #11, Spider-Man team-up
Avengers Silver Age Page 2

Page 23: Martineck's Avengers' Covers

As Warren did for the 2010 Marvel 70th Anniversary release, each of his sketches were dated; in this case each year representing a key event in Avengers' history. I got nine Portrait-oriented ones to complete this page.
Note: #16 is from Marvel 75th Anniversary

  • Avengers #12, Mole-Man
  • Avengers #13, Count Nefaria
  • Avengers #15, Rematch with Masters of Evil
  • Avengers #16, Captain America leads new line-up
  • Avengers #19, First Swordsman, part 1
  • Avengers #20, Swordsman, part 2
  • Avengers #21, First Power Man, part 1
  • Avengers #22, Power Man, part 2
  • Avengers #23, Kang returns
Avengers Silver Age Page 3

Page 24: Martineck's Avengers' Covers

Note: #45 is from Marvel 75th Anniversary

  • Avengers #26, Attuma Attacks
  • Avengers #29, vs. Black Widow, Swordsman and Power Man
  • Avengers #45, Super-Adaptoid
  • Avengers #53, vs. X-Men
  • Avengers #56, Bucky's Death revisited
  • Avengers #57, First Vision
  • Avengers #61, vs. Surtur & Ymir
  • Avengers #64, Egghead's Death Ray
  • Avengers #70, vs. Squadron Sinister
Avengers Silver Age Page 4

Page 25: Miscellaneous Tribute sketches.

In this release, I found two new artists that I liked, mainly because they drew tribute sketches representing various issues of The Avengers comics, and they indicated the number of the issue on their sketches !! The artists are Quintero and Racho (slots 3 - 9).

  • Avengers #10, Immortus deceives Cap
  • Avengers #21, Power Man & Enchantress
  • Avengers #22, Ringmaster (Circus of Crime)
  • Avengers #25, Cap & Hawkeye battle Dr. Doom
  • Avengers #26, Attuma captures Wasp
  • Avengers #27, Hawkeye vs. Beetle
  • Avengers #30, Goliath captured
  • Avengers #52, Grim Reaper defeats Avengers
  • Avengers #96, Rick Jones faces Supreme Intelligence