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Last Updated: February 78, 2021 ...

  • Page 47: added Alberto Silva Enchantress sketch

Prior Update: December 28, 2020 ...

  • Page 19: added Buddy Prince Cap/Iron Man/Thor sketch
  • Page 25a: moved Buddy Prince Arkon sketch here
  • Page 44: added Buddy Prince Storm sketch
  • Page 46: added Czop Captain America and villains sketch
  • Page 47: added Alberto Silva Radioactive Man & Viper sketch

The first gallery has evolved into a 'Marvel Comics History' Gallery. This gallery show my Marvel 70th Anniversary and Marvel: Heroes & Villains sketches, with themed pages consisting mainly of Rittenhouse sketchafexes from those two releases (with at least one Divas sketch thrown-in). When I started-out acquiring M70 sketches in the first couple of days after they were released (in April of 2010), I got some of the usual "static character" sketches, but I realized what would be more interesting would be to get sketches that I interpreted as representing an actual comic or event in Marvel History. So I regretted acquiring some of the "static character" sketches. However, I did create three pages to cover individual heroes which I have not covered in prior RA releases, such as Daredevil, The Hulk and Dr. Strange.

The second gallery show my Marvel Universe 2011 sketches, with themed pages consisting mainly of Rittenhouse sketchafexes from the Marvel Universe 2011 release. I mainly got MU11 sketches that dealt with the Marvel Crossover events that were the focus of this set. Later, I added a couple of pages of Marvel Universe 2014 sketches.

The third gallery show my Marvel Bronze Age sketches, with themed pages consisting of Rittenhouse sketchafexes from the Marvel Bronze Age release. I mainly got MBA sketches that dealt with actual scenes from Marvel History, or were cover recreations / tributes.

The fourth gallery show my Marvel's Greatest Battles sketches, with themed pages mainly consisting of Rittenhouse sketchafexes from the Marvel's Greatest Battles release. I mainly got MGH sketches that dealt with actual scenes from Marvel History.

The fifth gallery show my Marvel 75th Anniversary sketches, with themed pages consisting of Rittenhouse sketchafexes from the Marvel 75th Anniversary release. I mainly got M75 sketches that are Warren Martineck's cover recreations.

For this web site, I have found it better to scan the entire 9-pocket (a.k.a. page), rather than to put each sketch up as an individual scan. Besides for those of you who know me, I am very obsessive about how my pages are arranged .

Currently I have 54 "full" pages of RA's M70, MHV, MU11 MBA, MU14, MGB & M75 sketchafexes. Below, I give a brief summary of what is in each page, just to the right of the thumbnail for that page.

Note: Click the thumbnail to open a new window to see a larger-size view of the page.

Table 12a: Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary Sketchafex Cards

M70th Page 1

Page 1: Pre-Silver Age

In 1939, Timely Publications started and early-on introduced the Android Human Torch, Namor and Captain America. In the 1950's, it changed it's name to Atlas Comics, and with the end of the 'Golden Age' and the loss popularity of super-heroes, Atlas focused more on horror, humor, espionage, adventure, etc. This is highlighted by these sketches:

  • original Torch, Namor and Cap (1939 - 1950)
  • Miss America (1943)
  • Miss Fury (1942 - 1946)
  • original Black Knight(1955) (representing adventure-themed comics)
  • original Yellow Claw (1956 - 1957) (representing espionage-themed comics)
  • Jann of the Jungle (1954 - 1957)
  • Krang, from Tales to Astonish #14 (representing horror-themed comics)
  • Fin Fang Foom, from Strange Tales #89
  • Millie The Model (1945 - 1973) (representing humor-themed comics)

It's interesting to note that certain pre-Silver-Age characters (such as The Black Knight, Yellow Claw and Fin Fang Foom) were later revived as characters in the Silver-Age, which shows a continuity from the creative teams at Atlas to those of Marvel.

M70th Page 2

Page 2: Martineck: The Silver-Age

For his 150 M70 sketches, Warren Martineck has an "inspired" idea ... each of his sketches represented a certain key event from one of the 71 years spanning 1939 - 2009 !! I was most interested in ones representing The Silver-Age years of the 1960's.

  • 1962 The Incredible Hulk #1
    Note that he was originally colored grey !!
  • 1962 Dr. Doom (introduced in FF #5)
  • 1963 The Watcher (introduced in FF #13)
  • 1963 The Amazing Spider-Man #1
  • 1964 Green Goblin (introduced in ASM #14)
  • 1968 Ultron (introduced in Avengers #54)
  • 1971 First Marvel comic without the Comics Code seal (ASM #96)
  • 1972 Hellcat (introduced in Amazing Adventures Vol.2 #13)
  • 1973 Man-Wolf (introduced in ASM #124)
M70th Page 3

Page 3: Martineck: Post Silver-Age

I also acquired these Martineck sketches representing the decades after The Silver-Age:

  • 1977 Ms. Marvel #1
  • 1978 Spider-Woman #1
  • 1980 Savage She-Hulk #1
  • 1984 1st Symbiote (introduced in ASM #252)
  • 1989 Inferno (starts in Uncanny X-Men #240)
  • 1993 X-Men #25
  • 1996 Onslaught (introduced in X-Man #15)
  • 1999 Mattie Franklin (Spider-Woman Vol. 3, #1; this costume in #12)
  • 2000 Marvel Knights
M70th Page 4a

Page 4a: Martineck - Miscellaneous

Since I had an "extra" M70 Martineck, and since I like some of the MDD Puzzles ... I prefer to call thenm two-panels ... I decided to make this page . In November 2012, I was able to complete the page by adding 3 "timeline" Martineck's from Marvel's Greatest Heroes.

Here is my result:

  • Man-Killer & Titania vs. Spider-Man, She-Hulk and Thing(?)
  • Avengers #214
  • Sue Storm, Lilandra and Galactus, form 'The Trial of Galactus'
  • 1985 Secret Wars 2
  • 1975 Beast joins Avengers
  • 1976 Moondragon joins Avengers
  • 1980 Jarvis cleans-up mansion after attack by Masters of Evil

M70th Page 4b

Page 4b: Martineck: Landscape-oriented

Those who know me knows that I don't like to mix portrait-oriented (p-o) sketches with landscape-oriented (l-o) sketches in my pages. This causes me to pass on acquiring some nice sketches . But I like the Martineck's M70 sketches, and then some of the MDD Puzzles so much, that I decided to try to combine them into an 8-pocket page .

Here is my result:

  • 1963 Avengers team (per issue #1)
  • 1964 Masters of Evil (as introduced in Avengers #6)
  • 1983 New Mutants #1
  • 1993 Thunderstrike & US Agent
  • Heroes for Hire (all-female version)
  • Red She-Hulk vs Green She-Hulk
M70th Page 5

Page 5: Tribute to Kirby

Some of these sketches I originally collected since the artist is paying a direct tribute to my favorite comics artist, the late Jack 'The King' Kirby. The other sketches I consider as paying an "indirect" tribute to Kirby, so I included them on this page .

  • First Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39)
  • Ant-Man & Wasp (as per Avengers #1)
  • Hulk (as per Avengers #1)
  • Avengers #4 cover
  • Impossible Man ... well, doing "the impossible"
  • Gold Iron Man vs Melter (Tales of Suspense #47)
  • Fantastic Four vs Moleman (FF #1)
  • Reed & Thing vs Mad Thinker & his Awesome Android (Fantastic Four #15)
  • Thing defeating Dr. Doom (Fantastic Four #40)
M70th Page 6

Page 6: Roy Cover's History-making sketches

This page has a bunch of Roy Cover's sketches that I particularly like, and that for the most part represents an event in Marvel History. Roy KNOWS his Marvel History !! Either by asking Roy, or by my own interpretation, I have included the issue of the comic that Roy is paying tribute to with the particular sketch. The first five are in chronological order.

  • Avengers vs Squadron Supreme (Avengers #141)
  • Wolverine vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #181)
  • Mystique & Logan (Wolverine #64)
  • Punisher vs Rapido (Punisher Ann #7)
  • FF vs Dr Doom (FF vol.2 #5)
  • Galactus & Silver Surfer vs Marvel Universe ("conceptual" sketch)
  • Spider-Man & Ms. Marvel vs Super-Skrull (Marvel Team-up #62)
  • Spider-Man vs Lizard (ASM #44)
  • Spider-Man vs Morbius (ASM #101)
M70th Page 7

Page 7: Czop's History-making sketches

This page has a bunch of Czop's sketches that I particularly like, and that for the most part represents an event in Marvel History. Czop also KNOWS his Marvel History !! Either by asking Czop or by my own interpretation, I have included the issue of the comic that Czop is paying tribute to with the particular sketch. The sketches are listed in chronological order.

  • I use the sketch in slot 1 sort of like a Splash Page in comics !! I particularly like this sketch because it is not your "typical" sketch of a character; rather Czop is making a "statement" about Marvel Comics, while using Spider-Man in it.
  • Attilan, home of the Inhumans (first appearing in FF #45) was initially hidden in the Himalayas; destroyed by Black Bolt's voice, and then rebuilt, all during the Silver-Age.
  • Fantastic Four #51; 'This Man This Monster' is considered by some as the best Thing story ever done !!
  • Ghost Rider & Mephisto (Marvel Spotlight #5)
  • Falcon & Nightshade (Captain America #164)
  • Dr. Strange & Spidey (Marvel Team-Up #50)
  • Avengers #161 (only issue with Wasp's sexy purple costume )
  • Avengers #187, cover tribute
  • Champion of the Universe (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7)
M70th Page 8

Page 8: Czop's History-making sketches (pg 2)

This page is a continuation of the prior page

  • Brood Awakening (Uncanny X-Men #162)
  • X-Men vs Brood (Uncanny X-Men #163)
  • Uncanny X-Men #171, cover tribute
  • Moonstar & Demon Bear (New Mutants #3)
  • Alpha Flight #12, cover tribute
  • Spider-Man & Venom (ASM #300)
  • Marvels #'s 1-4; Busiek & Ross's "ground-breaking" comics, based-around Daily Bugle reporter Phil Sheldon's views of the super-heroes presence in NYC.
  • Planet Hulk (Incredible Hulk vol.2 #93)
  • Dissolution of Spider-Man's Marriage to MJ (ASM #545)
M70th Page 9

Page 9: Czop's History-making sketches (pg 3)

This page has a bunch of Czop's sketches that I particularly like, but unlike those from the prior two pages, I don't think they represent any particular event in Marvel History.

  • Punisher & Typhoid Mary
  • FF vs Dr Doom (I just can't quite recall what issue this is from !!)
  • Thing & Torch vs Dr. Doom
  • Vision & Whirlwind
  • Rogue & Magneto
  • Alpha Flight
  • Ka-zar & Shanna; rulers of The Savage Land, has had many adventures in the Marvel Universe
  • Jack of Hearts, a "minor" character in Marvel Universe; first appearing in 1976, and dies in Avengers #491
  • Captain America & modern version of Baron Zemo
M70th Page 10

Page 10: Lak Lim's History-making sketches

Though a different style than Cover or Czop, I like Lak Lim's sketches for the same reason as Roy's and Czop's above ... they seem to tell a story. His sketches looks like small panels from a comic book ? . On this page are ones representing FF and Thor.

  • Namor vs Thing & Torch (FF #4)
  • Sue Storm, Krang & Lady Dorma (FF Ann #1)
  • Hulk vs Thing (FF #12)
  • Fantastic Four vs Molecule Man (FF #20)
  • Dr Doom & Silver Surfer (FF #57)
  • Inhumans Wedding (FF Annual #18)
  • Thor & Hercules vs Destroyer (Thor #224)
  • Warriors Three
  • Hulk vs. Spidey (ASM #14)
M70th Page 11

Page 11: Lak Lim's History-making sketches (pg 2)

This page has some of Lak's X-Men sketches. He said that X-Men is his favorite Marvel comic, which explains why he drew so many of them for MHV . I decided to put these in "somewhat" of a chronological order.

  • X-Men vs. Sentinel (Uncanny X-Men #16; 1966)
  • Juggernaut vs All-New X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #102)
  • Original X-Factor team (X-Factor #1)
  • Marauders (Uncanny X-Men #210)
  • Marauders vs. Thor and Angel (X-Factor #10)
  • X-Men vs Omega Red (X-Men #5)
  • Wolverine vs. Magneto (X-Men #25)
  • Wolverine stabs Magneto (X-Men #113)
  • Wolverine - 'Enemy of the State' (starts in Wolverine #20)
M70th Page 12

Page 12: Lak Lim's History-making sketches (pg 3)

This page has more of Lak's Miscellaneous sketches, and there is no particular order.

  • Juggernaut vs. Spider-Man (ASM #229/230)
  • Spider-Man vs Symbiotes ("conceptual" sketch)
  • Spider-Man with Iron Fist & Steel Serpent (Marvel Team-up #63)
  • Thanos defeats Avengers (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2)
  • Wolverine vs. Cap (Capt America Annual #8)
  • Master(s) of Kung-Fu: Shang-Chi, Iron Fist & The Cat
  • Agents of Atlas #1
  • Captain Universe
  • Post-Civil War Avengers (New Avengers #27)
M70th Page 13

Page 13: Buddy Prince's History-making sketches

A fourth "favored" artist of mine is Buddy Prince. So for MHV I sought-out his sketches which I felt for the most part represents an event in Marvel History. This page is Golden & Silver-Age themed, and is in chronological order.

  • Golden Age - Namor vs (Android) Torch
  • Dr Doom vs Reed (FF#5)
  • Spider-Man vs Sandman (ASM #4)
  • Original Avengers (Avengers #1)
  • Fantastic Four vs Diablo (FF #30)
  • Dr Strange vs Mordo (Strange Tales #139)
  • Professor X vs Lucifer (X-Men #21)
  • X-Men vs Banshee (X-Men # 28)
  • Green Goblin & Gwen (ASM #121)
M70th Page 14

Page 14: Buddy Prince's History-making sketches (pg 2)

This page is of Buddy's X-Men related sketches, and is in "somewhat" of a chronological order.

  • Rachel & Ahab (Uncanny X-Men #141)
  • Storm vs Callisto (Cover of Uncanny X-Men #170)
  • Magik & Sym (New Mutants #14)
  • Mystique & (adopted daughter) Rogue (Uncanny X-Men #178)
  • Mystique & (birth son) Nightcrawler (X-Men Unlimited #4)
  • Archangel & Apocalypse (X-Factor #24)
  • Cyclops vs Sinister (X-Factor #39)
  • Blink & Holocaust (Astonishing X-Men #4)
  • Spiral vs Psylocke (Uncanny X-Men #508)
M70th Page 15

Page 15: Buddy Prince's History-making sketches (pg 3)

This page has more of Buddy's sketches which I felt for the most part represents an event in Marvel History. These are post-Silver Age, and is in "somewhat" of a chronological order.

  • Namora & Llyra (Sub-Mariner #51)
  • Wonderman vs Grim Reaper (Avengers #160)
  • Iron Fist vs Luke Cage (Power-Man & Iron Fist #120)
  • Dark Beast & High Evolutionary (Avengers Annual #17)
  • Iron Man vs (modern) Mandarin (Iron Man vol.3 #9)
  • Johnny & Lyja (FF #357)
  • Spider-Man vs Scorpion/Venom (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10)
  • Scorpio vs Avengers (Avengers #72)
  • Spider-Woman vs Ms Marvel (New Avengers #50)
M70th Page 16

Page 16: Misc. Buddy Prince sketches

This page was actually started from Spider-Man Archives. I realized that none of those six characters were Spider-Man-related, so I finished the page by adding three M70 Buddy Prince sketches of Silver-Age era characters, and moving it to this gallery.

  • Sgt. Fury and Dum-Dum (Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos #1)
  • Falcon (Captain America #117)
  • Black Bolt (FF#45)

  • Defenders
  • Hellcat
  • Luke Cage, Power Man
  • Iron Fist

  • New Warriors
  • Nightwing
  • Night Thrasher
  • Justice
M70th Page 17

Page 17: Cosmics sketches

To be honest, I got many of the sketches on this page as "trade bait". Since there doesn't seem to be that much interest by others for them, I added some sketches and created this "cosmic" page !! It's interesting how the word cosmic means different things to different collectors. Myself, I never thought of Dr. Strange as cosmic .

  • blank
  • blank
  • blank
  • Silver Surfer and associated cosmic characters
  • Silver Surfer witnessing Nova's death at hands of Morg (SS vol.3 #75)
  • Thanos, Drax, & Adam Warlock, in what I believe is a sketch from 'The Death of Captain Marvel' Graphic Novel
  • Captain Marvel & Super-Skrull
  • Immortus imprisoned by (himself as) Kang (Avengers #312)
  • Dr. Strange & Dormammu
M70th Page 18

Page 18: Miscellaneous Landscape-oriented

As I mentioned for Page 4b, those who know me knows that I don't like to mix portrait-oriented (p-o) sketches with landscape-oriented (l-o) sketches in my pages. This causes me to pass on acquiring some nice sketches, esp. the Roy Cover sketches for M70 . So I have recently started collecting l-o sketches and using them in 8-pocket pages.

Here is my result so far for M70 and MHV:

  • Original Avengers team (per issue #1)
  • Spider-Man vs Green Goblin (ASM #121)
  • Thor vs Hercules (Thor #126, first self-titled issue)
  • Elektra vs. Bullseye (Daredevil #181)
  • Original Avengers team (per issue #1)
  • Inhumans (as introduced in FF #45)
  • X-Men Blue Team (X-Men Vol. 2, #1)
  • Ultimate X-Men vs. Magneto (Ultimate X-Men #1)
Note how the quality of the artwork has evolved in sketch cards, from the Original Avengers of David Day (from Complete Avengers in 2006) in slot 1, to the Original Avengers of Roy Cover (from M70 in 2010), in slot 2.
M70th Page 19

Page 19: Captain America

When I acquired a couple of M70 sketches of Cap, I was thinking of using them to add a new Complete Avengers Captain America page, but I decided to make a new one here in this Gallery .. because let's face it .. Cap is "historic" !!

  • Tribute to Captain America comics (Upper left corner box)
  • Cap and his long-time girl-friend, Sharon Carter
  • Bucky Barnes, from long-time sidekick, to being today's Cap
  • Cap in All-Winners Squad (WWII)
  • Cap in the Avengers
  • Bucky vs Zemo (WWII version)
  • Cap vs. The Red Skull
  • Cap vs. The Red Skull
  • Cap vs Baron Blood, per WWII
M70th Page 20

Page 20: Daredevil

When I acquired a couple of M70 sketches of Daredevil, I decided to do a page for Daredevil, another important character in the Marvel Universe.

  • Daredevil
  • Bullseye vs Elektra
  • (cover tribute) to Daredevil #4
  • (cover tribute) to Daredevil #7
  • Daredevil vs Gladiator (Daredevil #18)
  • Daredevil vs Kraven The Hunter (Daredevil #104)
  • Daredevil vs. The Hand (Daredevil #168)
  • (cover tribute) to Daredevil #181
  • (cover tribute) to Daredevil #294
M70th Page 21

Page 21: Dr. Strange

Another character I has always liked from The Silver-Age is Dr. Strange, though I could never quite understand "his powers", but I found the array of supporting characters interesting and colorful. So I decided to finally give him his due, and create a page for him too . Dr. Strange was first drawn by Steve Ditko, and appeared in Strange Tales (how fitting ?) #110.

  • Lak Lim's Dr. Strange
  • Dormammu, his long-time foe (Strange Tales #126)
  • The Mindless Ones, Dormammu's minions (Strange Tales #127)
  • Clea, his long time love (Strange Tales #126)
  • Eternity (Strange Tales #138)
  • Living Tribunal (Strange Tales #157)
  • vs. Dormammu (Strange Tales #126)
  • vs. Nightmare (Strange Tales #139)
  • short-lived Stephen Sanders personna (Doctor Strange #177)
M70th Page 22

Page 22: The Incredible Hulk (Page 1)

Well, I am NOT really much of a Hulk fan. I never cared for his brutish all-powerful "personna". In fact for Complete Avengers, I only kept two Hulk sketches !! But since he seems to be in so many of the M70 (and later MHV) sketches that I acquired, I decided to finally give him his due respect in the Marvel Universe and make a page for him . These are in "somewhat" of a chronological order.

  • Origin (Incredible Hulk #1)
  • vs Fantastic Four (FF"s #12, 25, 26, etc.)
  • vs Spider-Man (ASM #14, first appearance of Green Goblin)
  • The Leader, long time foe since The Silver-Age (Tales to Astonish #62)
  • The Abomination (Tales to Astonish #90)
  • vs Thing; John Buscema cover tribute (FF#112)
  • vs Doc Samson (Incredible Hulk #141)
  • with Defenders (Marvel Feature #1)
  • vs Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181)
M70th Page 23

Page 23: The Incredible Hulk (Page 2)

This is a continuation of the previous page.

  • vs Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181)
  • Defenders Annual #1; Czop's tribute to late Steve Gerber
  • Grey Hulk (Incredible Hulk #331)
  • vs Hulk-buster (Iron Man #304)
  • Hulk & Caeira (Incredible Hulk vol.2 #104)
  • vs Ares (WW Hulk #2)
  • General Thunderbolt Ross (becomes the Red-Hulk)
  • Red Hulk vs She-Hulk (Hulk vol.2 #2)
  • Red Hulk vs Lady Liberators (Hulk vol.2 #9)
M70th Page 24

Page 24: Buddy Prince's Thor sketches

When I acquired a couple of M70 sketches of Thor and related characters, I was thinking of using them to add a new Complete Avengers Thor page, but I decided to make a new one here in this Gallery.

  • Thor/Dr. Blake (Journey into Mystery #83)
  • Thor (Journey into Mystery #83)
  • Loki (Journey into Mystery #85)
  • The Executioner, (Journey into Mystery #103)
  • The Enchantress (Journey into Mystery #103)
  • Hela (Journey into Mystery #102)
  • Thor vs Destroyer (Journey into Mystery #118)
  • Thor under Enchantress' spell (Journey into Mystery #103)
  • Thor vs Mangog (Thor #155)
M70th Page 25a

Page 25a: Miscellaneous sketches

This page is just a "catch-all" for sketches that I acquired but currently have no real theme or spot on a page for. I really like the sketches in the first row, and I am NOT looking to trade them. All or MHV except as noted.

  • Joe St. Pierre Spider-Man vs. JJJ in the original Spider-Slayer (ASM #25)
  • John Czop Spider-Man vs Lizard
  • Jeff Confer Iron Man vs Titanium Man. I got this with the idea of finally adding a Titanium Man to my Complete Avengers Iron Man villains page, but after I got it, I found another Titanium Man sketch to use on that page !!
  • Rich Gutierez House of M - Scarlet Witch & Prof. X
  • Jack Redd Blink vs Holocaust. This sketch is a beauty, and it was intended for an X-Men page, but I never created one with mixed-artists, so it has wound-up here.
  • Buddy Prince Squirrel Girl vs. Deadpool (Cable & Deadpool #30)
  • Lak Lim Red Hulk vs She-Hulk & Iron Man
  • Lak Lim Jubilee
  • Buddy Prince Arkon
M70th Page 26

Page 25b: Miscellaneous Buddy Prince sketches

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I really like the "clean-bold line and bright-inking" style of Buddy Prince. So on this page are various sketches of his, from various RA releases, that I acquired from 2016 - 2019.

  • Namorita and Firestar (Defenders)
  • Red She-Hulk (aka She-Rulk)
  • Moonstone
  • Moondragon
  • Tigra
  • Namora and Namor
  • Sue and Reed
  • The Wrecker
Sgt Fury Page

Page 53: Sgt Fury & Howling Commandos 50th Anniversary sketches

As a kid, I enjoyed reading Sgt Fury & His Howling Commandos; it was a welcome change from the super-heor fare, and back then WWII was still fresh in the mind of many adults. I basically wanted on of each of the six Howling Commandos. The first two sketches are scenes I recall from early issues, but I can't recall which issues .

  • Sgt. Fury
  • Sgt. Fury
  • Izzy Cohen
  • Dum Dum Dugan
  • Dino Manelli
  • Gabriel Jones
  • Reb Ralston
  • Percy Pinkerton
  • arch-nemesis Baron Von Strucker

Table 12b: Marvel Comics Cross-over Events Sketchafex Cards

MU11 Page 1

Page 26: Atlantis Attacks

Atlantis Attacks was a Marvel crossover event running through the annuals from Summer 1989. Ghaur, Llyra, and Attuma join forces to launch an attack on the surface world in a bid for global domination using the armies of Atlantis and Lemuria. Ghaur also seeks to gather Seven Brides (Storm, Marvel Girl, Dagger, Andromeda, She-Hulk, Invisible Woman, and Scarlet Witch). He sets them out into the world (under his mental control) to gather several items of power he needs to bring forth the Dread God Set.

  • Title Card
  • Scarlet Witch channels her power into the Serpent Crown, calling forth Set.
  • Marvel Girl battles Attuma before being captured.
  • Eli Rutten's tribute to the cover of the Atlantis Attacks Omnibus.
  • The captured Marvel Girl, as one of Set's Seven Brides.
  • Andromeda is eventually captured, and is one of Set's Seven Brides.
MU11 Page 2

Page 27: Age of Apocalypse

The Age of Apocalypse crossover event was introduced into the X-Men franchise in 1995 and was later connected to the alternative universe Earth- 295 and later introduced in the mainstream reality of Earth-616.

  • Title Card
  • Jean Grey and Logan
  • Cyclops
  • Rogue & Iceman vs. Holocaust
  • Banshee
  • Colossus vs. Holocaust
  • Magneto, Rogue and their child Charles
  • Nanny (Android protector of) Charles Lensherr
  • Wolverine vs. Apocalypse's minions
MU11 Page 3

Page 28: Civil War

Civil War was a crossover event in 2006. In the United States, a Super-human Registration Act is passed, which decrees that all Mutants or Super-Humans must register with the government, giving all personal information, as well as powers. The Civil War has many consequences including the separation of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, the revelation of Spider-Man's secret identity to the world, the departure of the Thing to France, the death of Goliath and finally the death of Captain America himself at the end of the War.

  • Title Card
  • Clone Thor kills Goliath
  • Spider-man unmasks
  • Iron Spider-man faces off against Iron Man
  • Jack O' Lantern & Jester nearly kill Spider-Man
  • The villains band together
  • Punisher saves Spider-Man
  • Cap punishes Punisher
MU11 Page 4

Page 29: World War Hulk

World War Hulk was a crossover event in 2007. The Hulk returns to Earth after the Planet Hulk storyline, waging war on the Illuminati and all that wronged him.

  • Title Card
  • Gladiator Hulk (Planet Hulk)
  • defeats Black Bolt (on the moon)
  • Roy Cover 3-part panel
  • smashes Hulk-buster armor
  • defeats Earth's heroes
  • vs. Sentry
MU11 Page 5

Page 30: Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion was a crossover event in 2008. After the destruction of their homeworld, and a change in leadership, the Skrulls secretly replaced Earth's heroes in preparation for an invasion of Earth. Leaving one question to be asked, "Who do you trust?"

  • Roy Cover 3-part panel
  • cover reproduction to New Avengers: Illuminati #1
  • Queen Veranke and her army of super-powered Skrulls
  • Captain Marvel, Secret Invasion prelude
  • Queen Veranke "seduces" Iron Man, as Black Widow looks on
  • Final battle, Queen Veranke is shot
  • Wasp grows uncontrollably before she explodes !!
MU11 Page 6

Page 31: Secret Invasion - Lodrigueza

From the Marvel Universe 2011 release, I liked the artwork of Marlo Lodrigueza, and the way the he tells part of the story with his sketches. This page has some of his Secret Invasion sketches.

  • Elektra faces off against her Skrull impersonator
  • 6-part Panel showing the battle between Elektra and her Skrull impersonator
  • blank
  • Elektra kills her Skrull impersonator
MU11 Page 7

Page 32: Secret Invasion - Lodrigueza (cont.)

This is a continuation of the prior page with more of Marlo Lodrigueza's Secret Invasion sketches.
I had acqured the three Landscape-oriented sketches in the bottom row, so to complete a page, I added the 6-part Panel .

  • 6-part Panel (from New Avengers #31) showing the Skrull impersonators (top row) emerging from their ship, as the combined Avengers (second row) look-on in disbelief
  • Elektra faces off against two Skrull impersonators of Daredevil & Wolverine
  • Reed Richards & Stark perform the autopsy on Skrull-Elektra
  • Mr. Fantastic battles Spider-Man (actually a Civil War sketch)
MU11 Page 8

Page 33: Secret Wars

The Secret Wars was a ground breaking mini-series in 1984 that brought all of Earth-616's greatest heroes together to battle with the worst villains under the watchful eye of the Beyonder.

  • 6-part panel & Title Card by Darryl Banks
  • The Beyonder & some of the Heroes
  • X-Men vs Spider-Man (Secret Wars #3)
  • Hulk holds-up the Mountain (Secret Wars #4)
MU11 Page 9

Page 34: Miscellaneous

These were sketches from some of the other crossover events that were covered by Marvel Universe 2011.
Note that the sketches in row 1 were meant for the prior Secret Wars page, but after I got the Banks 6-part panel, these got pushed to this page.

  • Doctor Doom creates Volcana and Titania (Secret Wars #3)
  • Doctor Doom, Volcana & Titania (Secret Wars #3)
  • The villains of Secret Wars
  • Heroes Reborn was a crossover event in 1996, in which the heroes of Earth were sent to a pocket dimension instead of being killed by Onslaught.
    Roy Cover 2-part Heroes Reborn panel
  • Heroes Reborn - Iron Man vs. Hulk
  • Korvac Saga (Title card)
  • Sin (Fear Itself)
  • Daredevil (Shadowland)
MU11 Page 10

Page 35: Miscellaneous

These were sketches from some of the other crossover events that were covered by Marvel Universe 2011, as well as sketches that "caught my eye".

  • Death of Steve Rogers Cap (Civil War prologue)
  • Death of Bucky Barnes Cap (Fear Itself)
  • Osborne attacks Asgard (Siege of Asgard)
    I really like how Alberto Silva draws sketches showing events in Marvel History (per slots 4, 5, 6, 8)...
  • Cover tribute for X-Men #101, Birth of the Phoenix
  • Thor vs. Beta Ray Bill (Thor #337, tribute to Walt Simonson)
  • Cover tribute for Daredevil #211
  • Cover tribute for X-Men Annual #12
  • Cover tribute for Iron Man #167
  • Deadpool oogling Siryn. I think this sketch is hilarious so I got it intending it for my X-Men Gallery Couples page, but that page "overflowed".
MU14 Page 1

Page 36: Alberto Silva's MU14 sketches

Starting with the two prior RA releases (MU11 & MGH), I like both the artwork and content of many of Alberto Silva's sketches. A lot of his MU14 sketches represent the crossover events that were covered by Marvel Universe 2014 !! So I started a page for some of his sketches.

  • Mutant Massacre: Marauders
  • Mutant Massacre: prologue, X-Men #214 cover tribute
  • Onslaught Saga
  • Annihilation: Ronan seeks Tana Nile
  • Annihilation: Galactis launches Annihilation Wave
  • Annihilation: Nova kills Annihilus
  • X-Men vs. Avengers: Nova warns the Avengers
  • X-Men vs. Avengers: Storm vs. Thor
  • X-Men vs. Avengers: New Avengers confront Phoenix
MU14 Page 2

Page 37: More Alberto Silva MU14 sketches

Row 1 has more of Alberto Silva's MU14 sketches. The remaining six are Alberto's sketches from other RA releases that found a home on this page.

  • House of M: Loganleads the Resistance into battle
  • Chaos War: Ares vs. Hercules
  • Age of Ultron poster
  • Captain Marvel #33: Avengers vs. Thanos
  • Mephisto vs #4: Hela & Mephisto
  • Cable & X-Force
  • Captain Universe & Smasher
  • Spider-man vs Rhino
  • Spider-Mobile (Amazing Spider-Man #130)

Table 12c: Marvel Bronze Age Sketchafex Cards

MBA Page 1

Page 38: Alberto Silva's MBA sketches

Starting with the three prior RA releases (MU11, MGH & MU14), I like both the artwork and content of many of Alberto Silva's sketches. A lot of his MBA sketches represent actual moments in Bronze Age History !! So I started a page for some of his sketches.

  • Hulk & Jarella (Incredible Hulk #156)
  • Death of Gwen Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #122)
  • Captain America vs Batroc
  • Wolverine vs. Hellfire Club Guards (Uncanny X-Men #133)
  • Franklin & Sue Storm (Fantastic Four #216)
  • Bullseye kills Elektra (Daredevil #181)
  • Spare-Parts Man and Hawkeye (Iron-Man #196)
  • The Death of Captain Marvel (1st Graphic Novel)
  • Contest of Champions #1
MBA Page 2

Page 39: Miscellaneous Bronze Age Events

These are just various sketches I liked that cover events, covers, etc. from the Bronze Age.

  • Doc Ock marries Aunt May (Amazing Spider-Man #131)
  • Inhumans (12-issue mini-series)
  • Rogue steals Ms. Marvel's powers (Avengers Annual #10)
  • Magneto vs. X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #112)
  • Storm & Colossus per end of X-Men Annual #3
  • Cyclops quits X-Men after Jean's death (Uncanny X-Men #138)
  • Cover tribute for Ghost Rider #25
  • Elektra vs. Bullseye (Daredevil #181)
  • Cover tribute for Thor #353
MBA Page 3

Page 40: Cover Recreations & Tributes

To me nothing shows the History of Marvel like sketches showing the cover for key issues of Marvel Comics. So this page has recreations or tributes of covers, which I assume is an issue "of importance, or that had an impact" to the respective artist who drew the sketch.

  • Giant-Size X-Men #1
  • Uncanny X-Men #135
  • Uncanny X-Men #137
  • Uncanny X-Men #142
  • Uncanny X-Men #159
  • Uncanny X-Men #185
  • Uncanny X-Men #232
  • Marvel Team-Up Annual #2
  • Amazing Spider-Man #252
MBA Page 4

Page 41: More Cover Recreations & Tributes

This page has more covers for key issues of Marvel Comics.

Rows 1 (artist Darren Chandler) & 2 (artist HDR) shows four "new" characters that were introduced during the Bronze Age.

  • Ms. Marvel #1
  • Luke Cage #1
  • Iron Fist #8
  • Machine Man #1
  • Luke Cage #1
  • Iron Fist #14
  • Avengers Annual #8
  • Hulk #140
  • Fantastic Four #232
MBA Page 5

Page 42: Miscellaneous

This page has miscellaneous sketches anchored by Martineck's 4-panel tribute to Secret Wars I. Row 1 has three "Silver-Age era" sketches, that I used to fill the page.

  • Alberto Silva: Daredevil #1
  • Tirso Llaneta: Magneto (X-Men #5)
  • Wei: portion of cover from Avengers #7.
    This is my first and (so far) only Upper Deck sketch card !!
  • Warren Martineck Secret Wars I (4-panel)
  • Mike Rooth: Thing vs. Champion
  • Buddy Prince: Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy

Table 12d: Marvel's Greatest Battles Sketchafex Cards

For me, the problem with collecting Marvel's Greatest Battles sketches are that they are a two-sketch pair, which isn't suited for displaying them in 9-pockets. But rather that leave a blank spot in each row, I filled that spot with miscellaneous sketches, that were either by the same artist, or had a similar theme.

Initially I liked some of the MGB sketches by my favorite artists ... Buddy Prince, John Czop and Alberto Silva, so I worked on getting three of them for each page. Later I picked-up some from other artists too.

MGB Page 1

Page 43: Buddy Prince, Page 1

Three classic match-ups:

  • Iron Man vs. Mandarin
  • Goliath & Wasp vs Whirlwind
  • Thor vs. Hercules
  • Titania vs. Puma (Web of Spider-Man #59)
  • Daredevil vs. Punisher
  • Spidey & Hobgoblin
MGB Page 2

Page 44: Buddy Prince, Page 2

Three more classic match-ups:

  • Hulk vs. Wolverine
  • Dr. Strange vs Fin Fang Foom
  • X-Factor Jean Grey vs. Goblyn Queen
  • Amahl Farouk, The Shadow King
  • Magneto rips out Wolverine's Adamantium
  • Storm
MGB Page 3

Page 45: John Czop, Page 1

Czop seems to have doen a series of X-Men vs. Sentinels, so I got these three.

  • Rogue vs. Sentinels
  • 1975 Giant-Size X-Men #1
  • Storm & Wolverine vs. Sentinels
  • Tigra & Molecule Man (Avengers #216)
  • Colossus & Nightcrawler vs. Sentinels
  • Luke Cage & Iron Fist
MGB Page 4

Page 46: John Czop, Page 2

I only found two more Czop MGB pairs, so I filled the page with individual Czop sketches.

  • Ms. Marvel vs. Super Skrull (Marvel Team-Up #62)
  • M70 Grey Iron Man
  • Shadowcat vs. N'Garai (X-Men #143)
  • M70 Red-Gold Iron Man
  • MBA Living Laser and Iron Man
  • Ghost Rider & Steel Vengenace
  • M70 Captain America and villains
MGB Page 5

Page 47: Alberto Silva Page

I only found two more Alberto Silva MGB pairs, so I filled that space with three individual Silva sketches.

  • X-sentai (Manga X-Men ?)
  • Kubik (Avengers #289)
  • Hulk (Avengers #1)
  • Hawkeye vs. Ultron
  • Radioactive Man & Viper
  • Thor vs. Malekith
  • Enchantress
MGB Page 6

Page 48: Miscellaneous MGB Page

On this page are MGB pairs that I liked since they represented actual comics events:

  • Faustino, Secret Wars
  • Sumbing, X-Men: Days of Future Past
  • Cover, Fantastic Four vs. Annihilus (FF Annual #6)
  • Prince, Reed as Dr. Doom (FF Vol.3 #25 - 31)
  • Pedrina, Nebulon vs. Defenders (Defenders #14)
  • blank

Table 12e: Marvel Comics 75th Anniversary Sketchafex Cards

M75th Page 1

Page 49: Martineck Cover Recreations, Page 1

For his M75 sketches, Warren Martineck drew sketches recreating his "favorite" covers. As you can see, I was most interested in ones from the Silver-Age, and esp. of comics I actually have.
Note: The Avengers #1 and #9 sketches are from 'Avengers: Silver Age' release.

  • 1963 Journey Into Mystery #89
  • 1963 The Amazing Spider-Man #3
  • 1963 The Avengers #1
  • 1964 Daredevil #1
  • 1964 The Avengers #9
  • 1966 Tales to Astonish #66
  • 1967 Daredevil #24
  • 1968 Captain America #100
  • 1968 Sub-Mariner #1
M75th Page 2

Page 50: Martineck Cover Recreations, Page 2

More Silver-Age covers.

  • 1968 Iron-Man & Sub-Mariner #1
  • 1968 Silver Surfer #1
  • 1968 Incredible Hulk King-Size Special #1
  • 1968 X-Men #50
  • 1969 Silver Surfer #4
  • 1970 The Avengers #82
  • 1970 Captain America #124
  • 1970 Captain America #132
  • 1971 The Amazing Spider-Man #93
  • 1971 The Avengers #89
M75th Page 3

Page 51: Martineck Cover Recreations, Page 3

Two more covers from what I consider the Silver-Age, and miscellaneous ones I acquired to fill this page.

  • 1971 The Amazing Spider-Man #93
  • 1971 The Amazing Spider-Man #98
  • 1974 Dr. Strange #2
  • 1975 The Avengers #136
  • 1979 Iron Man #128 (AP)
  • 1981 Captain America #260
  • 1982 Moon Knight #25
  • 1985 Heroes for Hope, X-Men #1
  • 1990 Daredevil #276
M75th Page 4

Page 52: Martineck Cover Recreations, Page 3

I was able to acquire a "set" of Martineck's cover recreations for all six issues of the 1987 storyline 'Kraven's Last Hunt'. I assume the person I got them from acquired the pack-pulled one for Web of Spider-Man #32, and decided to commission Warren to draw the remaining five parts of Kraven's Last Hunt. Those five are marked on the back as Artist's Proof.

  • Web of Spider-Man #31 (AP)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #293 (AP)
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #131 (AP)
  • Web of Spider-Man #32
  • Amazing Spider-Man #294 (AP)
  • SpectacularSpider-Man #132 (AP)