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  • Page 13: added Czop Black Cat
  • Page 15: added Czop Black Costume Spider-Man

Spider-Man themed pages consisting of mainly RA sketchafexes from RA's CA, WoM and SMA releases.

For this web site, I have found it better to scan the entire 9-pocket (a.k.a. page), rather than to put each sketch up as an individual scan. Besides for those of you who know me, I am very obsessive about how my pages are arranged .

Currently I have 15 "full" pages of RA's Spidey-related sketchafexes. Below, I give a brief summary of what is in each page, just to the right of the thumbnail for that page.

Note: Click the thumbnail to open a new window to see a larger-size view of the page.

Table 10: Spider-Man related Sketchafex Cards

Spider-man Page 1

Page 1: The Original Spider-Man

This page introduces Peter Parker as Spider-Man from first being bitten by the radioactive Spider in this Ditko-like sketch (slot 1); to Spidey's first appearance as a wrestler (slot 2); to the classic split-face (also Ditko-like) sketch (slot 3); to "shutterbug" Spidey (slot 8), and pampered Peter (slot 9). The remainder of the page shows Spidey in classic poses.

This page also has a few Spidey sketches I collected from RA's 'Complete Avengers' series. When I first saw RA's samples, I thought the Lynch Spidey in the Savage Land sketch was an interesting "conceptual" sketch, so I was quite pleased to pull it , and I made it the center sketch (slot 5) of this page.

Spider-man Page 2

Page 2: Other Versions of Spider-Man

This page has various versions of Spider-Man (in no particular order):

  • Six-Arms (ASM #50)
  • Black Costume
  • Captain Universe
  • 2099
  • Armored
  • Iron Spider
  • Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)
  • Ben Reilly (as replacement for Peter)
  • Spider-Hulk

Spider-man Page 3

Page 3: Non-powered Friends and Lovers

This page was intended to highlight Peter's "normal" friends and associates, but I could only find sketches for four of them .

  • Aunt May; there for Peter from the very beginning (AF #15)
  • Jonah Jameson; Peter's cantankerous "boss" at the Daily Bugle (ASM #1)
  • Robbie Robertson; Editor at the Daily Bugle (ASM #51)
  • Gwen Stacy was actually Peter's first girl-friend (ASM #31), even though most people think it was Mary Jane
  • Gwen's death in ASM #121, supposedly "changed comics" from that point on
  • Mary Jane Watson, was mentioned often but not actually seen until the last panel of ASM #42; where she delivers her famous line ... 'Face it Tiger, You Just Hit the Jackpot !!'
  • MJ in her career as a Fashion Model
  • MJ finally marrying Peter (ASM Ann #21)

Spider-man Page 4

Page 4: Misc. Allies

There is no particular theme except that these are sketches I liked, of various heroes that have teamed with Spidey.

  • Daredevil in his original red-yellow costume (ASM #16)
  • Human Torch; who got along with Spidey since both were teen-agers during the Silver-Age (ASM #8)
  • Black Cat (ASM #194)
  • Firestar & Iceman; per the Animated TV series 'Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends' (1981 - 1983)
  • Silver Sable (ASM #265)
  • Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin) 1st costume
  • Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin) 2nd costume
  • Madame Web (ASM #210)

Spider-man Page 5

Page 5: Team-ups

These are sketches of various heroes that have teamed with Spidey.

  • Man-Thing (Marvel Team-up #68)
  • The New Avengers
  • Sentry
  • The Prowler
  • New Fantastic Four (FF #347 - 349)
  • Iron Man; who created the Iron Spider suit for Spidey (ASM #529)
  • Daredevil
  • The Thing
  • Darkhawk

Spider-man Page 6

Page 6: Villains - Silver-Age

This page begins my Rogues Gallery pages. It seems fitting that I start it with Owens sketch which depicts how in the early days, Spidey started webbing-up the common crooks and leaving them for the cops, along with his patented note (slot 1). The last six sketches is the Original Sinsiter Six (per ASM Ann #1).

  • Chameleon(ASM #1)
  • Lizard (ASM #6)
  • Vulture (ASM #2)
  • Doctor Octopus(ASM #3)
  • Sandman (ASM #4)
  • Electro (ASM #9)
  • Mysterio (ASM #13)
  • Kraven, The Hunter (ASM #15)

Spider-man Page 7

Page 7: Villains - Silver-Age

More classic villains from the Silver-Age ...

  • Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin (ASM #14)
  • Scorpion (ASM #20)
  • Molten Man (ASM #28)
  • Shocker (ASM #46)
  • Rhino (ASM #41)
  • Kingpin (ASM #50)
  • one of Czop's Rogue's Gallery sketches

Spider-man Page 8

Page 8: Villains - post Silver-Age

Depending on when one considers the Silver-Age to have ended, some of these could be considered SA-era villains. The last four sketches are Symbiotes.

  • Harry Osborn as the 2nd Green Goblin (ASM #136)
  • Punisher (ASM #129)
  • Morbius (ASM #101)
  • Hobgoblin(ASM #238)
  • Venom(ASM #299)
  • Carnage (ASM #360)
  • Anti-Venom(ASM #569)

Spider-man Page 9

Page 9: Buddy Prince - Lame Villains

Those of you who have visited my X-Men Gallery and read my text prior to page 12, knows how much I like the style for Buddy Prince. Since early on, I found he drew some obscure, or what I call "lame" Spidey villains, I decided to make a page of them . It can be argued that some like Puma, etc. are not a "lame" villain, but to me he isn't a "classic" villain either, so I grouped him here, at least until I can find a "lamer" one to take his place.
Note: I listed them in chronological order of appearance.

  • Kangaroo(ASM #81)
  • Tarantula (ASM #134)
  • Human Fly (ASM Ann #10)
  • Will-o-the-Wisp (ASM #167)
  • Rocket Racer (ASM #172)
  • Carrion (SSM #25)
  • Speed Demon (ASM #222)
  • Jack O' Lantern (SSM #56)
  • Puma (ASM #256)

Spider-man Page 10

Page 10: Buddy Prince - Battles

This page is more of Buddy's sketches that I like ... this time of Spidey battling various villains. All but one (the Bob Koya in slot 1) are drawn by Buddy. I didn't try to figure out which specific issue of a Spidey comic these may be from, except for the ones in the first row.

  • vs. Rhino (ASM #41)
  • vs. Kingpin (ASM #50)
  • vs. Man-Wolf (ASM #124)
  • vs. Venom
  • vs. Spot
  • vs. Beetle (ASM #21, though this is post-SA-era version
  • vs. Werewolf (by Night)
  • vs. Red Skull
  • vs. Goliath

Spider-man Page 11

Page 11: Misc. Buddy Prince's

This page is just a "catch-all" for more Spidey-related Buddy Prince sketches that I acquire, but have no real theme for

Spider-man Page 12

Page 12: Misc. John Czop's

Those of you who know me, knows that ever since his work for the two Skybox sketchagraph series in 1998, I have liked the sketches from Czop . There is no particular theme here, just various sketches from him that I was able to procure.

  • The Spider-Friends
  • Hulk team-up or battle ?
  • Czop's tribute to Roger Stern and Ron Frenz's ASM #248. Per some sources, this story is considered one of the "Top 10 Spider-Man stories of all time" !!
  • Peter Parker
  • JJJ
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Cloak & Dagger
  • JJJ's son as Man-Wolf
  • Madame Web
Spider-man Page 13

Page 13: More Misc. John Czop's

This page is a "catch-all" for more Czop sketches that I acquired but have no real theme for.

  • Cloak & Dagger
  • Swarm (SSM #36)
  • Will-o-the-Wisp
  • Black-costume Spidey
  • Black Cat
  • Daredevil & Spidey
  • Carnage
  • Black-costume Spidey
  • Skrull Spidey
Spider-man Page 14

Page 14: Misc. John Czop's SA-era Villains

  • Beetle (ASM #21 though this is the more-modern version)
  • Kraven, The Hunter (ASM #15)
  • Green Goblin (ASM #14)
  • Mysterio (ASM #13)
  • Note the sketches in slots 5 - 9 makes sort of a montage. Doctor Octopus (slots 5 & 6) appears; approaches our hero from behind (slot 7); as Spidey turns, he sees the tentacles (slot 8); but Too Late they have grabbed him (slot 9) !!
Spider-man Page 15

Page 15: Miscellaneous

This page is just a "catch-all" for more Spidey-related sketches that I acquired over the past several years, but have no real theme for. Most were part of my collection, but got bumped from the original themed page by another sketch that I felt suited that page better.

Note: all of these are also available for Trade or Sale (except the ones in slots 7 & 9) .